Uzin KE2000s Vinyl Adhesive/Glue

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This adhesive is for resilient floor coverings (vinyl/rubber/linoleum) as well as universal adhesive for all common floor covering types. It is a strong dispersion-based adhesive with latest raw material technology with shortest open time and nonetheless long installation time for application.

  • Powerful - fast tack
  • Secure - high final strength
  • Universal - can be used under almost all common types of floor covering\
  • We do not ship this product. This item is pick up only.

Recommended amount:

  • 4lt bucket will cover 12 square meters
  • 15lt bucket will cover 45 Square meters

Areas of application

  • for homogeneous and heterogeneous PVC or cushioned vinyl floor coverings in sheets and tiles
  • for rubber flooring in sheets (e.g. noraplan® up to 4 mm)
  • for textile floor coverings with all common backings
  • for light needle punch or woven carpet
  • for linoleum sheets up to 3.2 mm thickness
  • on absorbent and levelled substrates
  • suitable for warm water underfloor heating
  • for exposure to castor wheels in accordance with DIN EN 12 529
  • for heavy wear in residential, commercial, and industrial areas



We do not ship this product.