Norman Ellison Twizel - Tekapo or Mercer Bay

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This listing is for 3.66m wide lrolls of carpet.

Style - Twizel
Colour - Tekapo or Mercer Bay.
Construction100% SD Polyester

Thickness:10.7mm Thick +- 10%

Residential medium Duty

$73 lineal meter which breaks down to $19.95 per square meter!

when purchasing each 'item' purchased refers to 1 lineal meter off the roll.

We are only selling as full rolls so please select the roll you would like and enter the length when purchasing. If you are unsure send a question through the contact us.

Available roll lengths.

10 LM Tekapo = $730

25 LM = $1,825 Mercer Bay

6 LM = $438 Mercer Bay